Saturday, December 31, 2011


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I watch a video tonight that I subsequently posted on my facebook page.  I watched this video and I cried, and when I went back to cite the video to share it with you, I noticed that the video had almost 12,000 likes and 5,000 comments.  It was posted by Success Nation and was about a young man who was autistic.  He spent most of his high school career being the basketball team manager; getting water, helping in practice, and cheering on his team.  The final game his coach gave him the opportunity to suit up, and it was an enthusiastic, emotional, and exhilarating game.  He managed to score 20 points with a rousing 3 pointer at the end of the game.  I cried watching this video and so did many people who watched it.  The realization that came to my mine is that this young man had someone who believed in him.  He had a team who believed in him, and people who believed in him even though he was different.

Teachers do this everyday of the school year.  They encourage and push, they reassure and challenge, they question and reflect, and they plan, attack, and revise, all in the name of teaching their students. Most of all, teachers believe in children. They believe in their intelligence, and possibilities.  They believe in their imagination and potential.  They believe in their students creative, multiple intelligence, reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and technology skills.  Teachers, the main stay of any school, many of whom are under attack for “not doing their job”, who work 40-50+ hours each week, both at school and at home are our believers in the endless possibilities of our youth. 

What do I believe in? Well, I believe that to be a good teacher you need to:
1)   Be constantly learning.
2)   Be flexible and dynamic.
3)   Show some humanity and humility.
4)   Look for new methodology and strategies to reach every student.
5)   Embrace new technology and programs with open arms and learn how to use them because your students definitely do.
6)   Look for the wonder and imagination in every student who passes through your life because you never know whom you might touch.
7)   Take care of yourself, exercise, get some sleep, do something you love, and …

Remember why you teach and make 2012 the best ever!   Happy New Year!

(This is a repost from 2011)

Friday, December 30, 2011


As many of you have done over the last week or so, I too have been perusing the internet for the latest and greatest things to emerge that I haven't had time to look at before the winter break.  I've come across lessons, activities, videos, and links that I know I will use in my classroom.  One of those videos I had the time and pleasure to watch was about making sure you've accomplished your lesson objectives. I watch with great gusto from one of my favorite websites, Edutopia, about making "reteaching and enriching" a priority after a unit or set of objectives has been taught.  Too often as teachers, we teach a unit, give an exam, and move on just to keep up with the pace of the publisher, district, or our own inner clock telling us to hurry before state testing.  But if you think about it, we are doing ourselves and our students an injustice when we don't allow for reflection and responsibility after material and information has been taught or learned.  A simple check or summary of the material would give the students and yourself the chance to review, reteach, and enrich.  I know you're are thinking how can I fit it all in when it's just me or I don't have a team?  Well, if you took 15 minutes each day to reteach or enrich each group, alternating between the two with activities for practice and sharing, you could accomplish this. Students would also be held accountable for learning the information and being able to recall it.  This slower pace of teaching would definitely not meet many district guidelines, but in the end you'd feel better about teaching and your students would walk away with a deeper, and more complete understanding of the subjects and information.  Taking your time and allowing for conversations with your students and teaching partners may be just what you need to change the direction of your teaching. So think about it, "reteach and enrich" for your New Year resolution!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


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Celebrate 2012 with $12 Bucks

Like Globicate today by clicking here, and walk away with free resources, activities, and links, PLUS a $12 Amazon giftcard to spend in your classroom any way you want...or better yet spend it on yourself to celebrate the 2012 New Year! Join the fun and Globicate, and look for other surprises in the New Year! It's my way of saying "Thank You" and "Happy New Year"!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Text Talk Summary

Reading, texting, books, communication, summary, global education, Heidi BefortLooking for a fun way to get your students talking about their literature books or independent reading choices?  Try "Text Talk Summary" to engage your students, and facilitate fun and collaborative summaries.  Your students will use the "Text Talk Summary" to communicate with a partner to write a brief summary of their readings using skills they are proficient at...text talking!  They can abbreviate and use acronyms, but their summaries need to be clear and understandable to the reader.  The first entry is an initial summary, the second entry will give each student a chance to clarify their thinking, and the third entry will be their final thoughts.  Each student will take a turn at "texting", alternating between each other and sharing thoughts.  Their final thoughts should be clear, concise, and comprehensive about their reading assignment.  You can use this with any content area reading to bring some lively talk with your students.  They will have a blast sharing their "Text Talk" with each other and the class.  Give it a try and let me know how it works!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Talk Moves

What a great way to get students to collaborate, communicate, and connect with the curriculum and each other. Check out this video for an interactive component you can add to any lesson with just a ball, in addition you'll be differentiating for your learners!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Globicate's Daily G.L.O.W.

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Daily  G.L.O.W. (Global Link of the World)   

Do you know what continent this flag is from? Which country?

Do you know what the colors stand for? How about the symbol?

What type of life do the people who live here have?

What language do they speak?

How are they the same or different from you family or community?

Don't forget to use my Daily G.L.O.W. activity sheet to help your students think and brainstorm about this picture.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Globicate's Daily G.L.O.W.

Daily G.L.O.W.
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Do you know where these children might live?
What continent or country?

Do you know why they are wearing these types of costumes?

What they might be doing?

Does the picture give you hints at what they are doing or where they are? What type of climate it might be?

(Don't forget to check out the free activity worksheet to use with your students in your classroom.)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cooking up Thinking

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Want to cook up some good thinking with your students tomorrow.  Check out Imagechef and have your students brainstorm the connections between all of these words, and then write or research the topic.

Post a wordle or word cloud with  words connected to a topic.  It can be a science topic, the start of a unit, about a culture, place or thing.  It can be about a novel or math vocabulary.  Have fun with the word cloud and make it interesting.

Some of the word clouds are easier to use.  I like the ones such as ImageChef that you don't have to sign in to use.  There are other word cloud generators such as, Wordle, ABCYa, Word It Out, and Taxedo. All are fun to use and create just about the same thing...a word cloud.  This one is in the shape of an object which I loved.

I've created an easy to use activity to go along with your word cloud activity.  You'll love the connections your students will make before, during, and after as they learn key vocabulary and concepts about engaging subjects. So, create your word cloud, post it in your room, let your students find all of the words, and then brainstorm, definitions, connections, sentences and questions they have about the vocabulary. 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Globicate's Daily G.L.O.W.

Daily G.L.O.W., geography, global education, Globicate, Heidi Befort
Daily G.L.O.W. (Global Link of the World)

Do you know what this animal is?

Do you know what continent or country or biome it might be found on?

Do you know what climate they like to live in?

Do you know what they eat or what their habitat is?

Are they wild, what species?

(Spoiler...they have relatives know as Llamas)

Make sure you check out the Daily G.L.O.W. Worksheet to use in class!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Writing for Real

Writer's Workshop Shape-Up
Writing, freebies, self assessment, global education, Heidi Befort
Writing with children is always an experience.  Each day brings new ideas and different takes on the world.   Getting them to express those ideas is the challenge though.  One of the best techniques that I have found to be successful in the classroom is to use a book or story to hook them in to the thought of writing.  I vary my books and stories throughout the year and try to give them options at publishing and sharing their stories in different ways, but the true act of writing those words can bring on the worst anxiety in your students.  So, help them out by making your lesson engaging and interesting, make sure it's relevant to them, and give them some freedom of choice for sharing and presentation.  Last but not least, help them to be organized by guiding them with graphic organizers and a writer's checklist.  I've attached my Writer's Workshop Shape-Up for you to use.  This checklist will certainly keep your most reluctant writer on task, and help them through the process of putting their thoughts on paper.  It will also save you from the repeated horse story or baseball story.  So as you put the pen to paper, start with a story or book, guide them with graphic organizers, give them a checklist, and allow for choice.  Your sure to see an upswing in your student's writing!

Globicate's Daily G.L.O.W.

Daily G.L.O.W. (Global Link of the World)

Have you seen this flag before?

Do you know what country or continent it represents?

Do you know what purpose it serves?

What do the colors and emblems stand for?

What other thoughts do you have about this flag?

( is a link to give you information about this flag.)

Have you seen the activity sheet that goes along with my Daily GLOW?  You can find it on my resource page for free or by clicking here.  Enjoy!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Globicate's Daily G.L.O.W.

Daily G.L.O.W., geography, global education, Heidi Befort, Europe, ItalyDaily G.L.O.W.

Have you seen this structure before?

Do you know what continent it is located on?

Do you know why it was built and what for?

Can you identify how old it is by looking at?

What words come to mind when you look at it?

Daily G.L.O.W. Worksheet

Daily G.L.O.W., geography, freebies, global education, teaching, Heidi Befort

Hey Everyone, as I've been posting my Daily G.L.O.W.'s, I thought it might be nice for you to have a guide or format to use along with it.  So, here is one that you can cut in two, and then either glue in a journal or spiral, or cut in half and use as a ticket out.   I will be posting another version in the next day or two, but if you have other items you'd like added, shoot me an email or note and I will modify the one I have or create another one.  Hope you enjoy and your classroom is "GLOW"ing with global learning!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Globicate's Daily G.L.O.W.

Daily G.L.O.W., geography, global education, Globicate, Heidi Befort
Daily G.L.O.W. (Global Link of the World)

What does this structure resemble?

What continent might you find it on?

How old do you think this structure is?

What do you think it was used for and who built it?

What words can you think of that might go along with this picture?

(Spoiler...This structure can be found in the Western Hemisphere)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Globicate's Daily G.L.O.W.

Daily G.L.O.W., geography, global education, Globicate, Heidi Befort

Do you know what this is called? Do you know where you might see something like this or what continent it is on?  Can you think of other words that might be connected to this image?  What type of climate or biome might be needed to have conditions like this?  Would you find in vegetation or animals here?  

Here are some vocabulary you might use along with this word, kame, moraine, plucking, or crevasse.

( can find one of these in northern Montana or north of the U.S.A.)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Globicate's Daily G.L.O.W.

Daily G.L.O.W., geography, global education, Globicate, Heidi Befort
Globicate's Daily G.L.O.W. (Global Link of the World)

Do you know which country this flag is from?

Do you know what continent you might find this flag on?

What do you think the symbols, stars, and colors stand for? can find it south of the United States.  Have fun searching and enjoy your global learning!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stripes vs. Patterns

Have you ever thought about nature and the real beauty that is right before our eyes on a daily basis, but sometimes we don't even notice it?  Take the patterns found on a giraffe or a zebra.  Teach your students about symmetry or patterns using nature.  Take them outside and see if they can find other patterns around them.  What are those patterns and how would you classify them?  What categories can you think of where they share similar characteristics? Patterns are nature's way of making all of us unique. Giraffe's and Zebra's may not care for the patterns that were given to them.  Teach about diversity and differences using nature's patterns and beauty.  How about measurement or writing?  Use these patterns as writing prompts.  Ask your students if they had a pattern or stripe like a zebra or giraffe, what would it look like?  Why did they choose that pattern? What colors would they have?  Our classrooms should extend beyond the obvious of books and paper, into life and our world.  Help your students to embrace their own stripes with a simple lesson of observing, noticing, and sharing what they see.  What stripes or patterns do you have?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Globicate's Daily G.L.O.W.

G.L.O.W. (Global Link of the World)

Can you tell were this photo was taken?

Do you know what the people in the photo are doing?

Can you tell what type of environment or biome exists here?

Writing Prompt: Write about what is happening in this picture. Observe all of the items and what the people are doing.  

Spoiler...this picture was taken in Burkina Faso, do you know what continent it is on and what the people of this country do for a living?

Look at a map, check it out, and globicate yourself!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bicycle Dreams

Who doesn't have fond memories of a bike. As we launched full-steam ahead into the holiday season, I'm reminded of all of my bikes in the past and can't help myself as a teacher of thinking of all the lessons that can be taught about bikes. Just think about it, the human body, balance, speed, effort, resistance, wheels, distance, measurement, and the list goes on. The cool thing about bikes is they are universal. You can travel just about any where and you'll find people who ride bikes. The second thing about bikes is they are really environmentally friendly, and look how pretty they can be. Just think of all of the calories you'll burn by riding your bike to school, or to work, or better yet around town. Lastly, who doesn't have a smile or memory of a bike that gave you joy or one where you were sharing that joy with a child.

So, as you're racking your brain for a special lesson to teach to children, bring a bike to school, have your students brainstorm a list of questions they have about a bike, and jump into a project-based lesson with your class. Your efforts will be rewarded with critical thinking, authentic learning, meaningful exploration, choice activities, and fun.

I've created a short lesson for you (click here) to use with your bike, I hope you enjoy it!

Artistic painted parked bicycles | Public Domain Pictures. Copyright Free Pictures. Picdrome.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Can You Teach An Old Polar Bear New Tricks?

Can we learn about ourselves by studying Polar Bears?  There certainly seems to be connections.  Check out these Polar Bears and how studying them, we may be able to protect them from themselves. Who knows, maybe we can even teach them some new healthy habits!

Video from National Geographic - Kids

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Globicate's Daily G.L.O.W.

Globicate's - Daily G.L.O.W. (Global Link of the World)

How appropriate that we thank those who serve around the world, including healthcare workers, NGO's, Peace Corps Volunteers, and everyone who is not at home with their family today!

Photo Courtesy of LIFE

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Thank you to Cooperative Learning 365 for giving me the Sunshine Award, what a wonderful surprise and treat!

Here are the rules for accepting this award:
1. Thank the person who gave this award and write a post about it.
2. Answer the following questions below.
3. And pass the award to 10~12 fabulous bloggers, link their blogs and let them know you awarded them.

Here are my answers:

  • Favorite color? Green and Pink, surprise, right?
  • Favorite animal? Dozer, my daughter's doggie
  • Favorite number?5
  • Favorite drink? Diet Dr. Pepper
  • Facebook or Twitter? Facebook
  • Your passion?  Family, teaching, blogging/sharing, photography
  • Giving or getting presents? Giving is really rewarding for me!
  • Favorite day? My 25th Anniversary to my best friend!
10 Blogs I love...and this is really hard!
2.  The Wise Owl Factory (Carolyn has been my sunshine!)
5.  Fabulous Fourth Grade Froggies (Who doesn't like frogs?)
7.  Sub Hub

So many choices, but thanks to all of you for being such an inspiration, and thanks to all of the other blogs I follow!

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