Monday, July 4, 2011

The Freedom to Choose!

 The 4th of July, Independence Day has many meanings for most Americans: picnics, fireworks, barbeque, friends and family! I don’t believe most people think about the true significance of this special day.  The group of men that came together to formulate a country based on a vision of freedom for all, freedom to choose, and freedom to live a life any which way they choose. One thought that comes to mind, as an educator is the Bill of Rights.

I love the Constitution and Bill of Rights because that freedom to speak out and the freedom to choose how, when, and what method we choose to educate our children and ourselves is reinforced with them.  I don’t mind being a public school educator, in fact I love it, I love teaching about America and the freedoms that we have. I really love when I hear about parents who choose to seek out the best education for their children and have high expectations for it.

Among the choices we face each day is the type of schools we send our children to: public education, private schools, homeschooling, charter schools, and now online education.  I’m not afraid of those choices that compete with public education because I’m confident about what happens in my classroom each day. I work hard to meet the needs of every student, and to move them along their own path of learning.

I have frequently had conversations with parents who state, “…you expect to much and my child is too busy with other activities to complete the work.” I always think to myself, if the parents don’t have high expectations than who will.  I expect every student to do their best, give 100%, and know that I love and care about them. And yes, I do have high expectations for every student that walks through my door. So, whether you choose public education or another form, remember, the choice is yours and yes, it is a freedom! Happy 4th of July!


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