Thursday, July 14, 2011

Manners and Etiquette

I posted recently about manners and how I think we've lost them in today's society.  I do think manners have fallen on the wayside and that the teaching of them exists only in the classroom on some occasions. I don't believe this is a phenomenon of just the good ol' USA, as I sit in Spain right now watching a young boy of about 6 make loud mooing noises and banging his sister's stroller up against the pole next to my table.  The mother is conveniently sitting watching him doing this, saying nothing, as my family and I try to eat our pizza.  Yikes!

I was thinking that manners and etiquette also apply to using technology.  Thankfully as I was perusing the internet, I came across this link shared by a fellow blogger eEtiquette. This addresses those manners that we conveniently forget while using technology.  It is also something that we as teachers should consider teaching. Enjoy!


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