Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Excessive Heat vs. Snow Day

     Today in we had an "excessive heat warning". I know many of you are thinking big deal, right? Well, let me just share with you that an "excessive heat warning" for a teacher is close to or even worse than a rainy day.  Think about it, students start the day off hot, thirsty, sweaty, and sluggish.  It doesn't get better as the day goes by.  They get the luxury of staying indoors all day long, with the air-conditioners on, and having relaxing fun time, right?.  Well for the classroom teacher, this is that groaning, eye-rolling, voice intonations, "really?" comments kind of day!  I think our state (can you guess) should really consider implementing the same policy as a snow day.  Students would stay home, they wouldn't have to ride buses or get in those excessively hot cars that can bake your brain in less than 5 minutes after sitting in the sun, and teachers could stay home and not sweat through their clothes during parent pick-up after school.  Because when the mercury hits 115 degrees or so, there's no amount of deodorant that will save you! So teachers, parents, and students...go to bat for teachers, call your legislature, lets get "Excessive Heat" days on the books, so we can stay home because I'm looking forward to a dip in the pool tomorrow! Heidi


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