Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Name Tags or Labels

School starts tomorrow and as always, I'm flying around the classroom trying to make it perfect for my students.  One dilemma that catches me every year is name tags.  Which one do I buy?  Are they too big, too small? Do they have appropriate material on them for my students? Should I laminate them or go without? Will they last?  All great questions, but big decisions to be made, right?  Well, this year I'm going out on a limb and using Post-its Super Sticky Multi-purpose 4 X 6 Labels. I wrote the students name and classroom numbers on them, and will let them decorate them the first day of school. These labels are great, inexpensive, and stick on the desk completely, not just one edge.  I have enough in the box to replace mid-year if I need to or if one gets ruined.  I'm using the neon colored 2 X 4 labels for differentiation and groups. I'm thinking this is a great compromise considering how much those fancy school labels/name plates cost and how the students love to play with and destroy them. Check them out on Amazon or an office store and let me know what you think, Heidi


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