Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Multiple Intelligences seems to be one of the those buzz phrases that comes and goes depending on who you talk to and what year it is. Right now we are more focused on assessment and evaluation instead of the child.  Being a multiage teacher for the last 10 years, multiple intelligences have been a big focus in my classrooms.  I truly believe we all learn differently and some are stronger in other areas than others.  I myself and a total visual learner...I need to see it to understand it.  I also have a strong pull towards nature and outside.  Identifying these traits in our students and helping them identify and understand how they learn is critical to helping them be successful learners.  To help you do this, I came upon a website that does just that, Cybrary Man's Educational Web sites. This site has a whole page on multiple intelligences and finding your multipotentiality. So whether you're a newbie this year or a seasoned teacher, check out Cybrary Man's page, and happy searching! Heidi


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