Saturday, September 10, 2011

Teachers Sharing, Students Learning

I have found that through my teaching years both for myself and as a mentor/coach, the ideas, strategies, lessons, skills that are the easiest to implement are usually ones that stick around.  The other key ingredient especially for me and most teachers I know, is FREE!  I not only like to teach other teachers, but I love it when I can simplify the steps and given them concrete reasons to understand, implement, and gain understanding from what I'm instructing them on.  With Common Core Standards on our doorstep in just about every state, MasteryConnect has accomplished my preferential list.  MasteryConnect has created a site where you can find and share common formative assessments, track student progress at mastery of them, and then create or upload other assessments to share. Check it out, this may be exactly what you need to guide you through the CCS maze! Heidi


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