Sunday, September 11, 2011

What's That Bug?

Yesterday I found a bug crawling on me, under my shirt, in a very unfortunate!  I was squirming, and scratching, and wiggling to beat of the music and sermon.  I finally caught the darn thing, and showed my husband so he wouldn't think I was crazy. As we giggled silently and stared at the thing in my hand, I dropped it on the seat of the boy in front of me. To my relief, he manage to flick it off before the young man sat down.  Well, this morning we found another one, I quickly whipped out my laptop and searched for the bug picture!  Instead, I found this amazing site called, "What's That Bug" . It has pictures of bugs, bug love, you can ask questions about bugs, and check out bug links!  I know many of you have students or children in love with bugs, right? Well, go to What's That Bug? and have fun, Heidi!


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