Tuesday, October 4, 2011


As I sat in professional development today, I was thinking to myself how the more things change that they stay the same.  I love my job and seeing the students everyday.  The best part is when one or more students suddenly lets out that wonderful, "oh", when they figure out what I've been trying so hard to teach them.  It truly is music to my ears and makes me smile.  So, as I sat there today, I was wondering why administrators don't get it.  If we are expected to engage and differentiate for students, why is the same consideration not given to adults, to teachers?  I can't tell you how many times I've sat through meetings with the same information being repeated; creating a flowchart for a "dream" school, or listing criteria for a "great" lesson, or better yet debating the value of homework.  Yes, I know, all of these things need to be addressed, but how many times before we figure out what that formula is?  Education these days needs to be inspiring, engaging, differentiated, and relevant, not just for our students, but for ourselves, our parents, our community, and for our administrators as well or we will still be discussing the our wish lists as other countries blow by us embracing 21st Century education.


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