Thursday, October 27, 2011


Are you one of those people who loves to sit at the dining room table, cup of tea or hot chocolate in your hand, on a cloudy, rainy day putting together that 1000 piece puzzle.  Hunting down the corners and edges, piecing in the parts you can make out, guessing at the others, until finally that last piece finds its place and you can see what you've created; a puzzle picture.  I've used puzzles in the classroom many times as both a reward, during math, and for those students who just need something to do.  It's wonderful, they logically pick through the pieces and place them systematically.  Their synapses connecting and math logical skills in full force.  As we approach the digital age, my favorite rainy day past time seems to make me feel old.  Good news though, I've found a digital replacement with many of those same benefits. National Geographic has some great picture puzzles that have a global emphasis.  Pictures from around the world that encourage you to test your skills at reassembling them.  There's actually 766 posted and the global images are beautiful.  So, I know it's not raining, but go for it, you puzzle fanatics! Heidi


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