Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Are We Ready?

Two things struck me this morning as I was reading an article about our Governor’s new website; first her passionate, but evasive answer about saving education, and second, her lofty goals for the future of education in the state. There seems to be a disconnect in what she’s preaching and actually doing.  Do I believe she wants to save education, yes!  Do I believe she has done everything in her power to do so, no!  Go back to last years budget when they cut so much money from education that there was no longer money to repair air-conditioners in a state that reaches 115 degrees when school starts, and peruse the number of offices in the state government who actually had budgets raised versus cut, it’s very enlightening.

Then the whole issue of her new many people are employed to run that and how much money did they spend to get it up and running and continued to run?  Well, that leaves a lot to the imagination, don’t you think.  I suspect that Governors and education budgets in other states have seen the same sequence of events and it’s disheartening to teachers and those of us employed in the education field that have taken pay cuts even in good years.  My $1,000 every two weeks doesn’t quite cut it.

Most teachers I know live modest lives, but reality is, they have children to raise, mortgage, bills, insurance and car payments like everyone else.  Healthcare isn’t free, and money doesn’t grow on trees.  What’s the answer you say?  I don’t know, but what I do know is that teachers, parents, and communities need to stand up and not take this anymore.  Our children are our future, we have amazing teachers out there who make modest wages and will never be rich in their lives, and our future depends on how much emphasis we put on education, not the next sporting event.  Stand up, be heard, let the government know what we expect as a country! A great education for everyone, jobs at home, and a country that takes care of each other and our Earth. These ideals will propel us to the top of the global economy if we chose to embrace them!



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