Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bicycle Dreams

Who doesn't have fond memories of a bike. As we launched full-steam ahead into the holiday season, I'm reminded of all of my bikes in the past and can't help myself as a teacher of thinking of all the lessons that can be taught about bikes. Just think about it, the human body, balance, speed, effort, resistance, wheels, distance, measurement, and the list goes on. The cool thing about bikes is they are universal. You can travel just about any where and you'll find people who ride bikes. The second thing about bikes is they are really environmentally friendly, and look how pretty they can be. Just think of all of the calories you'll burn by riding your bike to school, or to work, or better yet around town. Lastly, who doesn't have a smile or memory of a bike that gave you joy or one where you were sharing that joy with a child.

So, as you're racking your brain for a special lesson to teach to children, bring a bike to school, have your students brainstorm a list of questions they have about a bike, and jump into a project-based lesson with your class. Your efforts will be rewarded with critical thinking, authentic learning, meaningful exploration, choice activities, and fun.

I've created a short lesson for you (click here) to use with your bike, I hope you enjoy it!

Artistic painted parked bicycles | Public Domain Pictures. Copyright Free Pictures. Picdrome.


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