Saturday, November 19, 2011


What a great way to connect with children and gain their interest through an avenue that interests them.  I can see so many uses for this video game including, individual or group assignments to create a plan to change one aspect of global warming. You could use this as both homework or center work to differentiate your instruction with students. How about challenge students to a global competition to research, plan, and present the outcomes of their participation with the game...what did they do wrong, and if they did it again, what would they change, what did they learn, what do they still want to know. The team at Red Redemption have also created a wiki where you can participate in solutions and challenges of the game.  Only downside I see for an educator is cost, this is a pay PC game and if you come from a technology starved district, you'll be paying out of pocket to participate, but what's new for teachers, right? Maybe we can convince them to launch a educational section for their games where students around the world can collaborate together. The creators of Fate of the World should be proud that they are using their talents to address our global world and how if we work together., we can change the outcome and direction of our existence on this planet! 

Check out all the other videos at Snag Learning Films for an array of topics to interest you...wonderful free site!


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