Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Print Book vs. eBook?


Great question you prefer eBooks or print books for the students in your classroom? Well, I thought about this today and can think of positives and negatives for both sides.  Being the tree-hugger that I am, the first one that jumped right out was the whole landfill issue.  Books like many other items in the world end up in the landfill, great news though they are recyclable. On the flip side, the digital versions can also end up in the landfill and sit there for about 1,000 years.  So the question is, which one is better?  Really both versions serve their purpose in the same way. I personally can see so many better reasons to use a digital eBook; versatility, decrease in clutter of multiple books, option of renting the book, sharing an eBook with multiple students, the audio reader on each book allows for differentiation, and who knows, I'm sure they will continue to refine and upgrade the e-readers to perform more tricks than they already do.  I personally am a Kindle fan, and I love mine.  If I could buy an e-reader for every student in my class and find popular books that they like to download, I'd buy some today.  What would you do?


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