Thursday, November 10, 2011

Speak Up, Step In, Stop!


It’s always a sad day when an adult doesn’t speak up, step in, or stop an injustice they know to be true against a child.  Scenarios involving children being mistreated happen across the world in far to much frequency each and everyday, many never reported or stopped.  Today our country had to watch once again as it played out across our national media at a prestigious institution.  The saddest part is that those involved in the situation chose not to speak out or stop it.  Then to make matters worse, you have other people supporting the perpetrators as if they are heroes,  you have to ask yourself why?

Who knows what motivates people, but far too often it’s fame, money, or politics.  Sometimes people don’t do anything because of fear; fear of ridicule, fear of losing a job, fear of breaking the law, or fear of the unknown. But what I don’t get is people supporting these shady characters because they are popular, have power, or bring fame to them. 

We owe our students the ability to be fearless, to speak up for them, whether it’s for abuse, for neglect, or just plain ignorance and indifference.  You are the spokesperson in your student’s lives.  You may not always make friends by being this advocate, but just think of how their life might change if you learn to speak up, step in, or stop something! Teachers are heroes each and everyday they walk into the classroom! So, I thank you for all that you do to save our children by speaking up, stepping in, and stopping something you know to be an injustice for the children of our world!



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