Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stripes vs. Patterns

Have you ever thought about nature and the real beauty that is right before our eyes on a daily basis, but sometimes we don't even notice it?  Take the patterns found on a giraffe or a zebra.  Teach your students about symmetry or patterns using nature.  Take them outside and see if they can find other patterns around them.  What are those patterns and how would you classify them?  What categories can you think of where they share similar characteristics? Patterns are nature's way of making all of us unique. Giraffe's and Zebra's may not care for the patterns that were given to them.  Teach about diversity and differences using nature's patterns and beauty.  How about measurement or writing?  Use these patterns as writing prompts.  Ask your students if they had a pattern or stripe like a zebra or giraffe, what would it look like?  Why did they choose that pattern? What colors would they have?  Our classrooms should extend beyond the obvious of books and paper, into life and our world.  Help your students to embrace their own stripes with a simple lesson of observing, noticing, and sharing what they see.  What stripes or patterns do you have?


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