Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cooking up Thinking

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Want to cook up some good thinking with your students tomorrow.  Check out Imagechef and have your students brainstorm the connections between all of these words, and then write or research the topic.

Post a wordle or word cloud with  words connected to a topic.  It can be a science topic, the start of a unit, about a culture, place or thing.  It can be about a novel or math vocabulary.  Have fun with the word cloud and make it interesting.

Some of the word clouds are easier to use.  I like the ones such as ImageChef that you don't have to sign in to use.  There are other word cloud generators such as, Wordle, ABCYa, Word It Out, and Taxedo. All are fun to use and create just about the same thing...a word cloud.  This one is in the shape of an object which I loved.

I've created an easy to use activity to go along with your word cloud activity.  You'll love the connections your students will make before, during, and after as they learn key vocabulary and concepts about engaging subjects. So, create your word cloud, post it in your room, let your students find all of the words, and then brainstorm, definitions, connections, sentences and questions they have about the vocabulary. 


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