Friday, December 30, 2011


As many of you have done over the last week or so, I too have been perusing the internet for the latest and greatest things to emerge that I haven't had time to look at before the winter break.  I've come across lessons, activities, videos, and links that I know I will use in my classroom.  One of those videos I had the time and pleasure to watch was about making sure you've accomplished your lesson objectives. I watch with great gusto from one of my favorite websites, Edutopia, about making "reteaching and enriching" a priority after a unit or set of objectives has been taught.  Too often as teachers, we teach a unit, give an exam, and move on just to keep up with the pace of the publisher, district, or our own inner clock telling us to hurry before state testing.  But if you think about it, we are doing ourselves and our students an injustice when we don't allow for reflection and responsibility after material and information has been taught or learned.  A simple check or summary of the material would give the students and yourself the chance to review, reteach, and enrich.  I know you're are thinking how can I fit it all in when it's just me or I don't have a team?  Well, if you took 15 minutes each day to reteach or enrich each group, alternating between the two with activities for practice and sharing, you could accomplish this. Students would also be held accountable for learning the information and being able to recall it.  This slower pace of teaching would definitely not meet many district guidelines, but in the end you'd feel better about teaching and your students would walk away with a deeper, and more complete understanding of the subjects and information.  Taking your time and allowing for conversations with your students and teaching partners may be just what you need to change the direction of your teaching. So think about it, "reteach and enrich" for your New Year resolution!


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