Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Writing for Real

Writer's Workshop Shape-Up
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Writing with children is always an experience.  Each day brings new ideas and different takes on the world.   Getting them to express those ideas is the challenge though.  One of the best techniques that I have found to be successful in the classroom is to use a book or story to hook them in to the thought of writing.  I vary my books and stories throughout the year and try to give them options at publishing and sharing their stories in different ways, but the true act of writing those words can bring on the worst anxiety in your students.  So, help them out by making your lesson engaging and interesting, make sure it's relevant to them, and give them some freedom of choice for sharing and presentation.  Last but not least, help them to be organized by guiding them with graphic organizers and a writer's checklist.  I've attached my Writer's Workshop Shape-Up for you to use.  This checklist will certainly keep your most reluctant writer on task, and help them through the process of putting their thoughts on paper.  It will also save you from the repeated horse story or baseball story.  So as you put the pen to paper, start with a story or book, guide them with graphic organizers, give them a checklist, and allow for choice.  Your sure to see an upswing in your student's writing!


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