Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thinking Times

One thing that I've found out while I've been teaching and have used for many years is to get children to write about their learning.  I have them writing in writing, writing in reading, and writing in math, science, and social studies.  Some times the quality of answers and thoughts I get are not worthy of mentioning and I usually ask them to try again, and "Is this your best work?" Other times I get amazing insights and wonderings coming out of my students heads.  When I talk to them about it, I can usually figure out if they understand or need more intervention or lessons.  I love having the students use journals and prompts because it usually gets them started with their thoughts.  I've created "Thinking Times" as a way to track and assess their learning.  You can use the form and create a small booklet, copy it off with the prompts on the backside, or paste it on the inside front panel of a journal to guide them each time they write. I hope you find this assessment tool useful and will continue to follow my blog for more freebies and tips!  Heidi

Earthly Issues

Have you been frantically searching to find out about gamma rays, sea ice, deforestation, honey bees and the Colony Collapse Disorder?  How about visible light, hunger, or El Nino and El Nina? Well then, is the site for you.  This site and it's sister site are filled with global issues that effect all of us. They also have sections about space, people you should know, and music believe it or not.  This site is filled with information that can be used by individuals, teachers, students, or those wishing to make a change for the better for our Earth (check out Earth Day and what you can do). I believe that global issues are everyone's responsibility and these sites are exactly what my blog is about; education, collaboration, identification, and action. So go Globicate - educate yourself about global issues, and then get involved. Heidi

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