Sunday, January 29, 2012


How do we as teachers encourage dreaming in our classroom?

How do we support this process?  Do we enable it or stifle it?

How do you let your student's voices be heard?

Do you allow them to participate in the decision driving process of rubrics, projects, and activities for your lesson objectives?

Do you meet them with the tools they are use to using or do you try to educate them with the ones you grew up with?

Do you allow them to fail?

All great questions, right?

Well, I'm returning to my blog with a renewed feeling of optimism and direction for Globicate after spending a day with my fellow technology enthusiasts. I walked away yesterday with the thought that our students of today only know "technology"; cell phones, Xbox, laptops, Ipods, computers, etc.  I equate it to how I grew up with radios, Television, cordless phones, and 8 tracks.  My mother and grandmother didn't know any of these things, so they had a hard time relating and couldn't understand how you could learn with them.

I say that we all need to be "Dreamers" like the video above.  We need to dream along with our students, we need to encourage, and push, and guide them, in addition to letting them fail. We should be there to pick them up when they fail, and move forward again. We need to allow ourselves to dream and fail also. It is in this cycle of building our dreams and failing along the way, that the next generation of educated people will lead our world and protect it!

So tomorrow when you walk into your classroom, take a look around, take stock of what you have and make a game plan of how you can encourage "dreaming" in your classroom. Listen to your students, watch them come alive when you ask for their input and encourage the only tools they've ever known to be used in the classroom.  Don't be afraid, if you fail, they are sure to pick you up and help you with your "dreaming" too!


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