Friday, February 3, 2012

The Netherlands

This post is to accompany a daily G.L.O.W for the answer: "The Netherlands."  

This shoe must be for a Dutch Cinderella, why else would it be about 20 inches long?
This shoe was made in Best, The Netherlands, and was purchased about 1984.  It really isn't a lost Cinderella slipper, but is intended for use as household decor.  

Big shoes, small houses?  These houses are smaller than coffee pots!  
Why do you think that is?
Actually, these houses are historic replicas of actual houses that you can see today along the canal in Amsterdam.  Each year a set of 6 Delft home replicas was released for interested collectors.  Historic details are provided for each home carefully crafted by the Royal Goedewaagen "Blue Delft" and painted by hand.  One home's information includes:  
" . . . (built in) in 1752 by Jan Langerak.  This warehouse was 5.74 meters in breadth, with a broad Bell gable, cushions and fronton, ornamented with garleands and crest.  Under the cushions can be read 'Anno 1753'.  Further there is a facade with three entrances, and above the  entral entrace a wrought iron ornamental fence with the word 'Gouda' . . . "

Here are some actual homes along a canal in Amsterdam, the capital of The Netherlands:

Tulips are so important to the economy of The Netherlands that they are very carefully tended and selected as the bulbs are sold the world over:

Here is a free SMART board lesson about The Netherlands.  This presentation includes two parts:  first, about the country, and secondly about St. Nick Day, so be sure to save this presentation. 

We hope you enjoy this lesson!  Heidi and Carolyn


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