Sunday, February 19, 2012

Picture Writing Prompts

Nothing like a linky party to make everyone smile.  This linky party is being put on by The Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher and Classroom Magic, so please check out their blogs for more great picture writing prompts at the above links.

I love writing with my students.  The kind of writing where you give them a prompt or a picture or topic and just let them write.  I’m never less than amazed when they share their writing pieces.  Many times we share out loud, and they beg to hear what I’ve written.  Most of my writing is from the heart and I never mind sharing what I’ve written about my family. 

I love reading any of the Ralph Fletcher books out loud before we start writing. These books are a wonderful way to introduce writing and authors to your students and give the students great ideas for writing.

My students know how much I adore being outside.  They frequently call me a “tree-hugger”, and I often give them pictures like the ones below to write about.  My daily glow is a form of picture prompts that you could use each day, weekly, or monthly to write about the world.

What do you think this structure use to be? What time period might it be from?  Could the location of the structure give you an idea of what it was used for? Why aren't there any other structures around?

If you could pick all of these dandelions and blow them, what would you wish for? What would it be like to run through a field of dandelions?

What type of climate might create a scene like this? Where might you find cliffs or rocks like these?  What would you have to know to survive in a climate like this? What might cause an outcropping of rocks like this?

Enjoy these picture prompts...I would love to see your students writing when you're done.  Don't forget to check out  these Ralph Fletcher books for more ideas!



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