Sunday, March 18, 2012

Daily G.L.O.W.

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The Daily G.L.O.W. today is near and dear to my heart which is providing a world class education to all children around the world. (Charlene Espinosa - PCV)

What do you notice about this picture?

What is the child doing?

Are there clues here to where this child might live?

Can you tell what he is writing?

What things seem appropriate?

What things seem out of place?

This picture was taken on a continent close to the equator.

This picture represents a population of individuals who live with less than others around the world.

Any ideas yet? Where might you see other pictures like this? 

Make sure you use the Daily G.L.O.W. or the G.L.O.W. worksheets on my resource page to guide your thinking.  If you haven't downloaded your free copy yet, be sure to grab it now!

No spoilers today, but email me if you have a question or would like a hint about the picture!


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