Monday, March 26, 2012

Guest Blogger:Adrianne from Kids Cog Works

Brain Tower & Social Studies

Brain Tower makes studying countries so much fun.  What's Brain Tower?  It's a Jenga like game that you write on the blocks and erase them later to change the subject.  Let me show you just one idea for using Brain Tower in Social Studies.

Students studying the United States could practice identifying States on the map in a fun and different way.  All you need to do is write the State abbreviations on the blocks and print out a blank map.  Here is a blank United States map you can print out from Printable World Map

The students can work in pairs and pull out a block, read the abbreviation, and then fill it in on the map.
You can do modifications of this in several ways.  On Brain Tower blocks, write the names of the State Capitals and students say which State when they pull the block out. 
If your students are studying their home State, you could do symbols and facts about the State.  On the blocks you could write the following:

State Flower
State Bird
State Symbol
State Motto
What year did they become a State? 
Color of State flag
First Govenor
Current Govenor

Brain Tower also works well for studying other countries.  You could do something similar where you print a map of Europe or Africa and students pull a block with a country name on it and identify it on a map.  Brain Tower has so many possibilites!  If you would like to learn more about this great product, please click on the picture below.  I hope you come by!

Kids Cog Works

Adrianne Meldrum is the author of and the creator of Brain Tower.  She currently tutors struggling readers and middle school math students.  Adrianne is the wife of a civil engineer and a mother to three handsome boys.


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