Sunday, May 20, 2012

And The Winner Is...

The end of the year is always bittersweet to me. On one hand I'm excited for the year to end because I'm looking forward to sleep, renewal, and some down time to relax.  On the other hand I'm sad to see my students leave, many who I've I had for multiple years since I teach a multiage class.  I've also moved from two different grade levels, so this group I've had a total of three years.  Last years group I had a total of 4 years.  The last week of school is filled with memorable activities including a ceremony of goodbyes, which is essential in a multiage class because it's like losing one of your family, or in my case a lot of your family.  I've spent countless hours with these kids, and know many of them as well as their parents do.  So with that in mind, I love to identify each one with a special certificate that notices their unique qualities. Many years ago, I created certificates for each student recognizing something funny or special about them.  I hold a ceremony where I sit in front of the class in my rocking chair, they sit on the floor around me.  Next, I bring each student up individually and the class guesses what their special "thing" might be, then I give them a certificate identifying one unique quality.  This is a wonderful activity to do with your students at the end of the year because they appreciate that you noticed them.  It also creates a bond between all of them, and gives them something to treasure for years to come.  So, as I approach the end of this school year, and reminisce with my students over the next 4 days, I will treasure each special quality and uniqueness that my students have given me.  If you're interested in purchasing this set of 20 for $2.00 you can go to my TpT store.  Look for my next post for another end of the year activity!

End of school year, certificate, unique qualities, Globicate, Heidi Befort

End of school year, certificate, unique qualities, Globicate, Heidi Befort



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