Sunday, May 27, 2012

Technical Difficulties

Corrupted File, downloading hints, technical difficulties, Globicate, Heidi Befort

I'm sure you've already figured out there are a lot of teacher/bloggers/entrepreneurs out there.  The great thing about this is we all have something special and unique to say in a lot of different ways.  The other great part is that many of share free and paid items either through our blog, our TeachersPayTeachers store, Teachers Notebook, Pinterest, or Learnist.  These are all great places to find information, freebies, and loads of stuff you can use in your classroom everyday.  One of the biggest questions and concerns we get asked all of the time is, "How do I open this file" or "I can't open this file, help!" Well, just in time to save you from summer frustration as you download lots of freebies over the summer, Erica Bohrer's First Grade, has written a great post about how to do this without all of the frustration, and if it doesn't work what steps to take.  So, next time you get the dreaded "corrupted file" message, check out this blog for some help! Happy Resource Hunting this summer!


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