Sunday, June 3, 2012

Chase Against Time

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Chase Manning is just like many students we see each day in school.  Good kid, enjoys school, has special talents that set him apart.  Those special talents land him the key role in Steve Reifman's book and series, "Chase Against Time".  This novel is a page-turner for your tweens!  They will be thoroughly engrossed in the single-day mystery of finding the prized cello before the auction starts to save Apple Valley's music program.  Chase and his school are the perfect backdrop for a suspenseful story that will keep them guessing until the end, definitely a cliffhanger!  The best part about this book and series is that it resembles so many of today's schools with budget cuts and issues that both teachers, students, and the community struggle with.  Grab a book for your students or child and have some fun summer reading together.  I guarantee you'll not want to put it down either!


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