Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back To School...Really!

     I'm off today to welcome 34 students to 4th grade.  Yes, I said 34 students!  I have my Whole Brain Teaching lined up and my Kagan ideas under my hat.  I've plastered a smile on my face and the name tags are ready to go.  Most of the books are put away, the classroom is semi-cleaned, and the bulletin boards look clean and bright.  So as I venture into another school year where data is Queen and classroom management will be King, I'm hopeful and excited to hopefully change another child's life.  I would love to impact all 34, but I'm a realist!  I'll settle for the hugs and smiles today, in addition to the teary eyes and frustrations.  I've also got all of my new ideas, products and resources printed and ready to go, do you?  If not, you're in luck...TeachersPayTeachers is having their Back To School Sale and you can stock up on all of those wonderful items you've seen pop up this summer.  Below is a code you can use that day.  So have an amazing beginning to your school year and let me know what you're doing to prepare!


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