Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hot Topic Friday! Inside Voice

Technology, Apps for the Classroom, Globicate, Heidi Befort

One of my coworkers recently shared this fabulous and free app from Apple called, Inside Voice. I love this app as it allows me to work with a small group while my other students are working independently or on group projects.  With my large class, the noise level can be excessive and disturb my coworkers classroom.  Students listen for the bell, rooster, or alert signal and are reminded to lower their voice.  You can set the level and notification signal to your desired expectations for your students.  The app has a visual that looks like a sun and concentric circles that can be adjusted.  As students speak, the sound waves move about the circle creating a great visual for the students to watch. I have a three strikes your out policy in my classroom, so students are very conscious of when I tell them to use their inside voice.  Check it out, I'm sure Inside Voice will become your favorite app this year!


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