Monday, December 10, 2012

Late, Late, & More Late!


     Since the beginning of the year when I started with 35 students, I've been inundated with late work being turned in.  Normally, I've got a pretty good grip on these "Missing Assignment" board posted right by the classroom door and the knowledge that their parents will know as soon as I send out missing assignments is enough to get students to get their work in albeit late or not. But this current group of students is different.  They don't seem to be phased by Mrs. Befort's usual handbag of tricks!  Some have assignments over a month late and zero's on their progress reports, and know every excuse in the book. I've heard so many this year I could write a book. 
     So, I've pulled out my big tricks, and life in room 411 has changed!  I not only list the missing assignments, but have now instituted the "you'll need to work during your second recess if your work is not being completed at home". Students still get recess after lunch, but our second recess is now a working time and let me tell you I've seen huge changes in my "late work" students.  I'm now almost up-to-date on all assignments, students are writing out their agendas appropriately, and their work is completed with thought and quality.  
     I've created a template to help me track my serious offenders, and I can easily peruse or cross off names of students as they turn their work in. I copy it on the back of my class list, so that I have it handy all the time.  Students are very proud of themselves as they cross their names off the missing assignment boards.  So, I feel that I'm moving in the right direction.  Now, I do have to tell you that I've modified some work assignments to meet the needs and abilities of my students.  But, I can tell you late work and missing assignments don't have to be the norm.  You can change the direction of your classroom, students, and work as long as your willing to try several options.  Sometimes its not the one you'll think of, so be creative and patient, and you'll be rewarded!  Check out my template below to track those assignments, and let me know how it worked for you!

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