Monday, April 30, 2012

A Snapshot of Italy

Free A Snapshot of Italy presentation for Elementary School cover photo
Hello, this is Carolyn Wilhelm from The Wise Owl Factory again, this time with a blog post about Italy.  After all, all roads do lead to Rome. I'm including a Free Snapshot of Italy SMART board and a free Snapshot of Italy Power Point interactive presentation for your classrooms.  The presentation is, "A Snapshot of Italy" with an A to Z section, and work pages with answer keys in the second section.

Did you know if you travel to Italy and toss a coin over your shoulder into Trevi Fountain it will insure your return trip?  And if you find yourself near the Mouth of Truth and put your hand in the mouth, it will be bitten off if you have told a lie?  Well, these "facts" may be myths but they are fun to think about.
The Mouth of Truth in Italy, one slide in a free presentation about Italy, photo

Ice Cream, pizza, and pasta are all from Italy, and I'm sure your students would like to know that important information!  It is close to the end of the school year and time for learning some things that may not be on that mandated test.  Sometimes the end of the year is the most fun as there is some time to expose students to new and interesting topics.
Ice Cream, Pizza, and Pasta are from Italy, one slide in a free presentation, photo

Mount Vesuvius is best known for the eruption in AD 79 that led to the burying and destruction of the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum.  The two other major active volcanoes in Italy are Etna and Stromboli, and are are located on the islands of Sicily and Stromboli.  This is according to Wikipedia

Mount Vesuvius, Italy, famous for destroying Pompeii, one slide in a free presentation about Italy, photo of slide

THIS IS ROME, by M. Sasek, one in a series of books about travel, short review for worksheets included in free Italy presentation, photo of book cover
I also consulted the children's picture book (although it could be used as an actual travel guide) THIS IS ROME, by M. Sasek.  It had much interesting factual information and could even be educational for teens. AROUND THE WORLD, LET'S VISIT ITALY, by Susie Brooks is another excellent book to help students learn about the rest of the country.  It is very visually appealing and discusses things like the leaning tower of Pisa, sports, food, and sight seeing for children.  
Free Rome work pages and answer keys photo

The work pages for this presentation are about Rome and not the entire country of Italy.  The questions can be answered using the children's book:  THIS IS ROME or by watching the presentation.

Teachers could use a pre-test, post-test format and give the work pages to the students to fill out before and after the presentation. Or, they could allow students to try to find as many answers as possible using books and the encyclopedia before showing the presentation.  Then, interest would be higher when the Snapshot of Italy is shown.

However these presentations are use, I hope you will enjoy this free resource.  Thanks for reading, Carolyn

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Daily G.L.O.W.

For today's Daily G.L.O.W., I've created several writing prompts for you to pick and choose to use with your class, or you can use them to prompt conversations about architecture and artwork from the past.  

Italy, Writing Prompts, Daily G.L.O.W. lessons, Globicate, Heidi Befort
 Italy, Writing Prompts, Daily G.L.O.W. lessons, Globicate, Heidi Befort

Italy, Writing Prompts, Daily G.L.O.W. lessons, Globicate, Heidi Befort

What do these images tell use about past civilizations and how can we use this knowledge to help and change our future?

Do these photos give you a clue to what continent they are located on? What country or city? 

Are there any distinguishing marks or characteristics that give us a clue to the type of culture that created them?

What type of people might have built such grand structures and why?

The next post from Carolyn at will give you a smartboard and powerpoint lesson to use with these photos!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Earth Gone Wild

Earth Day has become a big deal in the past few years!  You see it on the news, you hear it in the classrooms, you may even have a local event that encourages sustainability.  But how many of you really do something about it or encourage your students to follow through with their amazing ideas to keep our world liveable for all of us?  Why not start this year and encourage your students by first reading one of my favorite books, "A River Ran Wild" by Lynne Cherry
Earth Day, environment, Globicate, Heidi Befort, Global, sustainability
This book is full of information and history about a river that has changed over time because of pollution. I especially love the information provided and artifacts that surround each page. It is based on a true story and documents how when people work together they can change actions from our past. When you are finished reading it and showing the pictures, your students will have an understanding of how our actions change the world in which we live and hopefully they will feel inspired to take an active part in caring for it.

Earth Day Lesson, environment, sustainability, Globicate, Heidi Befort
I've created a short unit that focuses on critical thinking and writing skills.  It encourages your students to think about their world and come up with an action plan to make it a better place.  It incorporates a writing piece.

Earth Day Lesson, environment, sustainability, Globicate, Heidi Befort
And I've included a choice board for them to extend their ideas and learning.  They will gain some experience writing persuasive letters, creating models, and sharing their ideas with other students, classes, and their community!

Earth Day Lesson, environment, sustainability, Globicate, Heidi Befort
So, celebrate Earth Day by giving your students the power to think, create, solve, and be involved.  Our Earth and all of us will benefit from their caring and responsible thinking!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


One subject that I've come to love to teach is writing.  When I break out my picture books and sit in my rocking chair, my students wait eagerly for the next assignment that goes along with my book.  I can't claim this wonderful idea, it actually comes from the This site is a endless bucket of ideas, mentor texts, 6 trait ideas, lessons and ideas. I recently used the book Meanwhile by Jules Feiffer.
Picture Books, Mentor Texts, Writing, 6 Traits, Lessons, Globicate, Heidi Befort

My students loved listening to this book and looking at the pictures. I just want to share with you they are 4th and 5th graders and love it.  The stories that evolved from the transition lesson associated with this book were amazing, funny, and clever.  Giving students the love (and permission to read a book) like this, in addition to using to learn about transition words is priceless.  So, why not grab your favorite picture book or go to and find a book to share with your students to open a whole new world of writing for them.

If you're looking for other great teaching ideas, check out The Organized Classroom Blog  5Star Blogger Challenge and have fun!

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