Sunday, May 19, 2013

Connecting the Dots!

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I'm totally a fan of brain-based learning that connects subjects, ideas, and projects using cross-curricular resources.  I believe that students learn best when they can see the connections and have some type of buy-in to what they are learning.   There are many ways to teach using brain-based techniques such as,  Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences,

Or utilizing Kagan Structures,
or by creating your own like Sally DeCost from Elementary Matters did, where she connected America's favorite summer sport, geography (my favorite), and the brain. I love the geography connection because it encourages students to not just memorize states and capitals, but to actually know them and gives them a reason to want to know them.

Try your skills at creating a lesson, morning message, or seatwork that incorporates geography and other curricular subjects.  Have you checked out Dr. Alice Christie's Google Treks?

I actually created a lesson using Google Treks that you can use right now, Know Where to Go! which focuses on geographical terms and vocabulary from around the world, culminating in an assessment and project.

There are many ways to meet the needs of learners in your classroom. Using any of these sites is an excellent way to differentiate for all of them and to engage them at the same time. Give brain-based  learning a chance, you might just be surprised how curious your students will become about the world and the places they are learning about.


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