Thursday, June 27, 2013

Shh! I Have A Secret!

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     I have a secret!  I feel guilty just writing about it today, but I wanted to share my personal delight.  I splurged and bought an Erin Condren Teacher Planner.  Now, I know what you're thinking, there are great products out there (I have one myself that I use) that you can use without spending that much money.  Well, I thought about it and decided I wanted everything in one place.  No more desk calendar, no more lesson plan binder, no more binder with student grades and such, everything all in one place! And the best part, it's personalized just for me.

     My second splurge was those fun pens you see in the picture.  These great pens are colorful, gel roller pens that are fun to use, and the best part...erasable!  How sweet is that?  I can write all those great ideas and plans and don't have to worry about making a mistake!

      My new planner has a durable cover and spine with different spots for all those notes and such you want to keep during the year!

     I haven't given up completely with my digital lesson plans and technology.  I'm still a proponent of technology to store all your products, resources, and plans.  I'm planning on using Google quite a bit this year especially since our district has Google Apps for Education.  Here is a glimpse at the beginning of my curriculum plans for next year.

The nice thing about using Google Docs for your work is it's easily accessible from everywhere, you can share with a team or partner, and it works just as easy as Microsoft and can be converted to/from those formats. 

So, you can see my summer is in full swing with planning and preparing for the next year.  My husband can't figure out why I spend my summer doing this, but I know that you get it...good teachers are always looking for ways to be better at what they do.  How's your summer going so far and what are you working on?


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