Friday, January 3, 2014

Shake, Rattle, and Roll

     My husband just rolls his eyes when I get on one of my tangents where I feel the need to move things.  I don't know what it is, but the moving of furniture, pictures, vases, flowers, and candles makes me feel refreshed and renewed. Do you feel that way when you change things up?  

     Well it isn't any different in my classroom...the monthly changing of seats and desks, the rearranging of groups and bulletin boards, and the introduction of new routines always manages to shake things up enough to keep the "kiddos" just a little off kilter, and little intrigued, and a little more interested in what's going on in the classroom.

     So here's what my new year will look like; I'm introducing My Classroom Economy to shake up the classroom jobs, engage the students in some real-life situations, and connect to the Common Core Standards. I'm also introducing the PALS math program where I can accomodate diverse learners and promote their academic success through Peer Assisted Learning Strategies. I'm also continuing to use my "Have you filled a bucket today?" where students acknowledge other students for doing "good" in the classroom. Last, but not least, I'm using "Keep it or Junk it or cloud it" to help students learn how to identify the main idea and write a summary of the facts. 

     All in all the changes I'm planning on instituting when my students return will help shake it up and invigorate the students, keep them engage and interested. I'm hoping it will increase their ability to think outside of the box, learn some lessons that they can use outside of the classroom, and will engage them to be problem solvers and thinkers. What lessons do you have planned to shake, rattle, and roll in the new year?


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