Globicate has been a passion of mine for many years.  Certified "tree-hugger" that I am, I believe that we need to educate not only ourselves, but our students and children about the Earth and about global issues that effect all of us on a daily basis.  I also believe that we have a responsibility to embrace global teaching and connections.

Globicate focuses on the following principles:
1) Geographical knowledge and understanding
2) Cultural awareness
3) Communication, collaboration, and connections with our global neighbors to work together to solve real-world issues
4) Shared responsibility to take care of our Earth and each other
5) Global kindness

Articles, Guest Authoring, and Awards
Raki's Rad Resources - July 2012

Technology in Literacy Education - International Reading Association/Reading Today Online - July 2012

Teaching Certification - Teacher Profile 

Globicate named one of Education World's Top 25 Blogs - 2012
Globicate named one of Education Worlds Top 25 Blogs - 2013

Featured on Pocketchange.Become 

Disney Planet Challenge State Winner 2009-2010


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