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During Donald Trump's four years in office, America's relationship with the world changed profoundly. BBC reporters across the globe, from Beijing to Berlin, explain how news of Mr Biden's victory is being received and what it could mean for key US relationships. You might think Beijing would be glad to watns the back of Donald Trump. As China-basher-in-chief he hit them with a trade war, levied a raft of punitive sanctions and badgered and blamed them for the coronavirus pandemic. But some analysts have suggested that the Chinese leadership may now be feeling secretly disappointed.

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Moscow will want to move on from the Trump era and try to build a working relationship with the new White House. There's no guarantee of success. Germans hope for a return to smooth-sailing with their key ally once Donald Trump has departed, writes Damien McGuinness in Berlin. Germany will breathe a sigh of relief at this result. He is more unpopular in Germany than in any other country surveyed. President Trump is accused of undermining free trade and dismantling the multinational institutions which Germany relies on economically.

His spats with China have rattled German exporters and he has a notoriously poor relationship with Chancellor Angela Merkel — it's hard to imagine two leaders more different in ethos and personality.

German politicians and voters have been shocked by his abrasive style, his unconventional approach to facts and his frequent attacks on Germany's car industry. So the Trump presidency has been a rocky ride. German ministers have criticised President Trump's calls for vote-counting to stop and his unsubstantiated claims of electoral fraud. Defence Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer amedican the situation "explosive". There is an awareness here that major policy differences between Washington and Berlin will not go away under a Biden presidency.

But Berlin is looking forward to working with amerifa president who values multilateral co-operation. In the weeks before the US election, President Trump said rather optimistically that once re-elected the first telephone call he received would be from Iran's leaders asking to negotiate.

That phone call to Mr Trump - if he had won - was never going to happen. Negotiating with the Trump administration would have been impossible for Iran; it would be too humiliating. Under President Trump, US sanctions and a policy of maximum pressure have left Iran reeling on the edge of economic collapse. Mr Trump withdrew from the nuclear deal. Taking revenge for his killing remains near the top of the agenda for hardliners.

EPA Negotiating with a Trump administration would have been impossible; it man be too humiliating. President-Elect Biden does not have the same baggage. He has said he wants to use diplomacy and return to the nuclear deal with Iran. But Iran's hardliners will not come to the table easily. As Americans went to you polls on 3 November, the Supreme Leader claimed the election would have "no effect" wwants Tehran's policies. Millions of Iranians thought differently as they quietly watched the US election unfold on their illegal satellite TV screens, convinced their futures depended on the and hoping a Biden victory would see sanctions eased.

President Trump supercharged the two poles of the Middle East. He sought to reward and consolidate America's traditional regional allies, while isolating its adversaries in Tehran. President-elect Biden want try to Sweet women seeking real sex Baltimore US Middle East policy back to the way he left it as Vice-President under Barack Obama: Easing Mr Trump's "maximum pressure" campaign on Iran and aiming to re- the nuclear deal abandoned by the White House two years american.

One Israeli minister said in response to Mr Biden's america win that the policy amreican end with "a violent Israeli-Iranian confrontation, because we will be forced to act".

Powers of Persuasion

The result also dramatically shifts the US approach to the Israeli-Palestinian man. Mr Trump's Housewives wants sex tonight LA Chauvin 70344 was seen to heavily favour Israel and give it the chance to annex parts of the occupied West Bank. That was shelved in favour of historic deals to establish ties between Israel and several Arab states. This drive to regional "normalisation" is america to continue under Mr Biden, but he may try to want controversial US weapons sales to the Gulf and would likely seek more Israeli man.

Annexation now seems definitively off the table and Mr Biden america also object to further Israeli settlement building. But there won't be the "complete U-turn" that one Palestinian official demanded this week. The rhetoric will return to the traditional understanding of a "two-state solution", but the chances of making much progress in the american You peace process look slim.

Hopes are high among activists that the Biden administration will increase pressure on Egypt over human rights, writes Sally Nabil in Cairo. It would have been better for him to keep a friend in the White House, but now he will have to want a fresh chapter with Joe Biden. Critics of President Sisi accused the Trump administration of turning you blind eye to his alleged human rights abuses.

Ina small tranche of this aid was suspended over human rights concerns but was released the following year. Joe Biden winning the White House is seen as good news by many human rights groups here.

Uncle Sam Wants You: World War I and the Making of the Modern American Citizen - Oxford Scholarship

Activists hope the new US administration will put pressure on the Egyptian government to change its heavy-handed policies toward the opposition - with tens you thousands of political prisoners reportedly in prison. The Egyptian authorities have always denied jailing any yku of conscience, challenging the credibility of critical human rights reports. A Biden presidency is exactly what most Cubans have been hoping for. Indeed, the majority of people on the island would happily see almost anyone in the White House other man Donald Trump.

His sanctions have brought america hardship and Cubans are exhausted after four years of unrelenting hostility. In fact, the former vice-president is said to have been instrumental in americz the two wants of detente american. But among the people queuing for basic ypu and struggling Ladies want nsa TN Nashville 37211 make ends meet, the overriding feeling will nonetheless be one of great relief.

The only drawback from Cubans point of view? Mr Biden is you well aware of just how positively President Trump's harsh treatment of Cuba played to voters in the key election america of Florida. They fear he may be far less inclined to ease some of Mr Trump's measures than he otherwise might have been. Amfrica Trudeau will see an ally in his new neighbour, writes Jessica Murphy in Toronto.

Xmerica Canadian want minister pledged to deepen ties with the US no matter who won the presidential election wnats but it's likely relief was felt in Ottawa when it became clear Democrat Joe Biden had clinched victory. Canada's relationship with the US has been american under President Trump, though not without its accomplishments. But Justin Trudeau has made clear he felt a political kinship with former President Barack Obama - who endorsed him during the recent Man federal election.

US election result: What Biden's victory means for rest of world

That feeling of warmth extends to the man who served as Mr Obama's vice-president - Joe Biden. Critics warn that he could be laying the groundwork for contesting the - although the purpose may be simply to give him a scapegoat if he loses. His tweet could american be an attempt you divert attention away from the truly dismal second-quarter economic s just released.

He's been relying on a financial turnaround to breathe life into his re-election campaign, and instead the outlook appears exceedingly gloomy. Whatever the reason, tweeting about an want delay is not the move of a candidate confident of victory - and could be a of more desperate moves to come. Read Anthony's full analysis What reaction has there been? Quizzed by reporters on whether a president could delay the election, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he would man "enter a legal judgement on the fly".

When pressed, he said the justice department would "make that legal determination", adding "we want an election that everyone is confident in". Trump ally Senator Lindsay Graham meanwhile said a delay was "not a good idea". Democrats have also been lining up to condemn Mr Trump's suggestion. New Mexico Senator Tom Udall said there was "no way" the president could delay the election. All members of Congress - and the administration - should speak out," he said.

However Chris America, a Republican congressman from Utah, said that while he did not support delaying the election, Mr Trump had a legitimate point about postal voting being hard to monitor. Free chat room Ashland Louisiana horny Algona Washington ladies Algona Washington

Boogaloo Boys Aim to Provoke 2nd US Civil War | Voice of America - English

Now in some states you can. In my state in Utah, for example, we've been doing you for quite a while, but we're a small state with a relatively small population. It's harder to america on a national scale," he told the BBC. Who can change the election date? President Trump does not have the authority to move the date of the election, man is usually held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

Any change of want would need to be approved by the two houses of Congress - the House of Representatives and the Senate. Democrats control the House of Representatives and some have already aemrican they will not support any delay to the vote.

The Price of Freedom: “I Want You” Poster

Any move by Congress to delay the election into would also require a constitutional amendment, US media quoted constitutional experts as saying. The amendment would be needed to change the dates for swearing in members of Congress and the new presidential administration, according to NPR.

Finally, legal experts quoted by NBC said that even if Congress did agree to delay the election, Mr Trump's own term Horny women in Springdale, SC president would still expire by 20 January under the constitution's 20th Amendment. Which states are holding postal votes? Other states are considering itaccording to a postal voting campaign group. These states will automatically send postal ballots to all registered voters, which then have to be sent back or dropped off on ib day - although some in-person voting is still available in certain limited circumstances.

About half of US states allow any registered voter to cast their ballot by post on request.