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Age: 49
Relationship Status: Not married
Seeking: Looking For Adult Partners
City: Freeport
Hair: Dishevelled waves
Relation Type: Wives Searching Latina Pussy

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Contact About how do I You really are amazing. The past dates weve gone on together keep getting better and better. You keep getting better and better. Your intelligence is par with mine, your thrills my mind, roomw mine does to you. Weve come to know each other through are local bar as regulars.

Good to Know

I know you've been puzzled as to why we havnt had sex yet as hot and heavy as our end of the date nights have ended and this weekend I know we will. We both are very experienced roomx, obviously. But I cant figure out what the hell sexual hamilton massage doing dating you, or even begin to explain that i'm bi-sexual.

Im not curious, or just sometimes bi, imean i have owned a few different realistic dildos since i was Sporadic room with men until 2 years ago when I met my first bf ever rebounding from my xgf of 5 sex. I dont mean first bf as in first guy ive ever got with, as in his xbf of 5 years moved out and avalon was lonely and needing a roommate and I was looking for chat sex. Ended up with a new "roommate" to all that knew avslon. Really I fell into my gay sex life head first.

I wanna get it for make you horny ;)

Which is all my relationship with men have been, for me anyway. Yeah I guess I feelt some sort of intimate emotion with the xbf and couple other regular lovers. But I think thats just natural for the submissive one to feel that way after a while of letting the same man put it in you all the time. At any rate, my rebound fell in love with me as I began to change into mynew sense of self.

Finally felt secure about my boyish slim body in size 4 jeans. Getting rid of all my body hair and keeping it that way. I get starred down by every man when i go out to the gay scene and I love it, the confidence Ive built in myself with men is amazing.

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Ive never chased any man like I have women. The idea of being with a woman at all in the past 2 years has always left me feeling insecure not because im at straight sex, but that gay sex is so much more intense and erotic.

But you have a way of making me forget all that when im with you. I naturally pull of being hetero, but have no idea how im going to continue to do that.

Maybe you wont think that much that I all the same places you do, but good snooping in my place would. I definitely am not interested in being straight, or much less bi after this much time exclusive with men. I am so not dateable.