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I decided to keep our appointment.

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Relationships Are you in a 'situationship'?

What it is and how to get out of it The undefined romantic relationship isn't necessarily a bad thing. But it's important to know when it's no longer healthy.

Unlike being friends with benefits or in an official relationship, a situationship lacks clear boundaries. Less than a relationship, but more than a casual encounter or booty call, a situationship refers to a romantic relationship that is, and remains, undefined.

A situationship is that space between a committed relationship and something that is more than a friendship. On the one hand, removing the pressure of putting parameters on what thungs relationship is and isn't can be freeing — as long as both parties are okay with leaving things open.

On the flip side, not knowing where abouf stand can be detrimental, especially if one party wants more of a commitment. The pros and cons of situationships You've met someone new, and things seem to be going well. But even though you're only a few dates in, wondering where this is all going is keeping you up at night.

It's a common problem — one that Travis McNultya therapist practicing in Florida, says a situationship thdn actually help alleviate. And depending on how long this situationship lasted, having it end without it ever amounting to any kind of commitment can be hard to process.