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Wayne Korhonen taught Edmunds during his senior year. He was a quiet leader. He also immersed himself in weightlifting and loved playing paintball, Inman said. Edmunds, whose father is a Vietnam veteran and retired military police officer, entered the Army soon after graduation in and became a member of the 75th Ranger Regiment. Edmunds and his wife Anne were married last year before a justice of the peace in Cheyenne and were planning to renew their vows in November, Inman said. When Korhonen saw Edmunds more than a year ago, they talked about how his training was going.

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I never met your parents and with all my sympathy we lost a great person. I miss you, Mike.

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John Pacheco He was a good guy and tough. I still have, and always will have, a picture of you, Dave Beachler and I in Tijuana.

Miss you and always will, Marine. Between the time your guests arrive and when the formal proceedings begin, you should set the stage for the remainder of the event. Important Details: Registration and more Registration Be sure to keep track woming who attends your event so that you can contact them again for future activities.

The simplest way to do this is to have a -up sheet with space for the most important information: name, address, phone friwnd e-mail. Have a couple of pens or pencils on hand. Make them beforehand if you know who is attending, or put out blank Hookers in wv badges or stickers along with a few markers and ask guests to create their own.

Refreshments While not absolutely necessary, guests always appreciate refreshments. You can keep it as simple as coffee and sodas, with store-bought cookies or pastries. If you hold your event at a local coffee shop or restaurant, owners may donate some drinks and snacks.

Introductions and Opening Remarks As your guests get settled, before the presentation begins, take the opportunity to welcome them. Introduce yourself. If the group is small enough, you might go around the room and invite each person to say their name and what brings them to the event.

Educational Materials Have current ACLU materials, including membership brochures and e-mail -up cards, available. You might also pass them out after the event ends or place them on a table near the exit. Group Discussion Have a few pre-planned topics or questions.

If everyone in the room seems to have something to contribute, you can scale back their ambitions to focus on a few central points and one or two urgent actions. On the other hand, you can use a question or idea as a way to elicit a response. Call on people.

Give each person a chance to speak and graciously limit the length of their comments.