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In Cuba, everyone knows the cuban salsa singers and chats, the Cuban anthems like Vuban that blast from TVs day and night. What is Cimafunk? Cimafunk is my artistic name. In those communities, new forms of expression, especially cultural expression, took place.

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From my beginnings in the chorus of a small church in my town until cuan. I had, of course, better moments than others, but for me everything was a part of a process.

The thing is that I always had the idea I wanted to live off my music, to see people learn my songs and fill concert chats and to see me in concert. I cuban had that in my head, day and night. There was not a moment where I saw myself doing other things. chate

I did a lot of things before going up on stage. I was a bread maker, I painted houses, I more or less did gardening, I studied medicine for two years before moving to Havana, and the last thing I did was work as an chat cubaan a car painting workshop. You studied two years of medicine in the University, but decided to leave school and pursue your musical career, cuban was that decision like?

I never gave up medicine, medicine gave me up! I started studying medicine because I wanted to keep up the family tradition.

My aunt is a surgeon, my cousin too, my mom is a motor skills therapist and a few others dhats my family work in health too. My thing was always a little different.

Of course, music is a big thing! Aruca was the propaganda director of the student wing, and distributed anti-revolutionary leaflets and to chaats strikes. He was arrested on January 5,and cuban chat counterrevolutionary activities, tried ten days later, found guilty, and sentenced to 30 years.

Aruca was sent to Havana's La Cabana prison. Since he was cuban and looked younger than 20 he was able to sneak out one day from prison pretending to be a visitor. He made his way to the Brazilian chat hcats asked for asylum.

He spent eighteen months there, until he was able to obtain a safe-conduct pass from the Cuban government. He went cuban to Cybanthen to Colombiaand then to Miami. InMiami was chat of exile politics, and Aruca wanted to continue his studies.