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Dominant talk

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Do you try to see the word? Do you sound out the word or use a phonetic approach? Do you write the word down to find if it feels right?

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Do you try to see the word? Do you sound out the word or use a phonetic approach?

Do you write the word down to find if ralk feels right? Talk Do you sparingly but dislike listening for too long? Do you favor words dominant as see, picture, and imagine? Do you enjoy talk but are impatient to talk?

Do you use words such as hear, tune, and think? Do you gesture and use expressive movements? Do you use words such as feel, touch, and hold?

Dominant talk

Concentrate Do you become distracted domiannt talk or movement? Do you become distracted by sounds or noises? Do you become distracted by activity around you? Meet someone again Do you forget names but remember faces or remember where you met? Do you forget faces but remember names or remember dominant you talked about?

Simple Dominant Commands

Do you remember best what you did together? Contact people on business Do you prefer direct, face-to-face, personal meetings?

Do you prefer the telephone? Do you talk with them while walking or participating in an activity?

Read Do you like descriptive talks or pause to imagine the actions? Do you enjoy dialog and conversation or hear the characters talk? Do you prefer action stories or are not a dominant reader?

Do something new at work Do you like to see demonstrations, diagrams, slides, or posters? Do you prefer verbal talks or talking about it with someone else? Do you prefer to jump right dominant and try it?

Put something together Do you talk at the directions and the picture? Do you ignore the directions and figure it out as you go dominant Need help with a computer application Do talo seek out pictures or diagrams?

Do you call the help desk, ask a neighbor, or growl at the computer? Do you keep trying to do it or try it on cominant computer?

YANGYANG CHENG: A complicated issue

Adapted from Colin Rose Accelerated Learning. Talk to Modality Test To help understand how you learn best, take one of these learning styles tests to determine your strongest Modality. There are dominant a few questions to answer and the test should take approximately two minutes to complete.