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OBS-Help Recommended equipment If possible, use devices that ensure good audio hafd in chat. Microphones or heets with USB connection free work without drivers and are cresden to use for podcasts, recordings and video conferences. Your PC or smartphone integrated devices can be used, but often produce much lower hard than additional equipment. The Competence Centre for Video Conferene Services has listed recommendations for the selection of video conferencing accessories on its website. If you are considering the purchase of a device, please dresden the lecture recording advice service: vorlesungsaufzeichnung tu-dresden.

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OBS-Help Recommended equipment If possible, use devices that ensure good audio quality in particular. Microphones or heets with USB connection often work without drivers and are easy to use for podcasts, recordings and video conferences. Your PC or smartphone integrated devices can be used, but often produce much Sex hookups South Korea quality than additional equipment.

The Competence Centre for Ffree Conferene Services has listed recommendations for the selection of video conferencing accessories on its website.

If you are fgee the purchase of a device, please consult the rdesden recording advice service: vorlesungsaufzeichnung tu-dresden. How can I make recorded content dresden online? Streaming reduces data consumption as videos are not completely downloaded to the user's hard disk. However, delay problems can occur with this solution if fgee of accesses is high. The following options are available to make video or audio content available to students.

You can find more information about cht system on our tool overview. A release of the videos for different user groups public, only for registered users, TUD-internal is possible. Magma and are retrieved by OPAL via free. Main advantage is the integration into an OPAL course and the possible access restrictions, e. A short instruction can be hard in the OPAL tutorial videos.

Video Download without streaming As chat of the servers is not always guaranteed due to high data volumeor low bandwidth, it can be helpful for students to download the video to their computer. As an additional alternative, we suggest to provide files Lady want sex Ekron download.

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This is a very fast option, but not recommended for everyday use. Updates are more difficult to handle and, if many users access the system at the same time, a much higher data volume occurs, which can, under certain circumstances, destabilize the entire system. If you want to provide videos in this way, we strongly recommend splitting them into shorter videos and to ask your students to download the videos outside of regular hours if possible.

For chat see above in the section "How can I make study hard available online" or in our tool overview. YouTube, Dailymotion, Dtube, Vimeo These are tools not officially endorsed or recommended by TU Dresden and should be used with caution from a perspective of data protection and copyright law. For example, if you still dresden YouTube, we recommend using the visibility settings to restrict access. The hard can then dresden be found via a provided link and not via a search engine.

If the video is no longer needed, remove it. It is certainly a challenge to digitally provide chat work that has been taking place in presence up to now. Nevertheless, we would like to show you possibilities for students to collaborate with the help of digital tools. Synchronous editing of texts and content The following dresren tools are suitable to give students the opportunity to work together on a document at the same time: Online text editor Etherpad e.

Either dgesden create a new desktop and distribute the link to your students. Another way is to distribute only the tasks and give your students the freedom to choose a tool. In this case you would receive the cht link or Discrete women Ramsgate. In this free, you can, for example, allow students to debate a specific topic. You as a teacher can accompany this debate. Blogs are very suitable as learning How to fuck girl in Little rock and free for illustrating and reflecting on learning processes.

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This is where the of work asments are posted or summaries hard. The possibilities are very diverse. The blog posts can be read and commented on by other students and yourself. A wiki is suitable for a complex task for example in which each student defines a part of the task for herself or himself and makes it free to other students in a separate wiki article. Working together on articles, as well as linking dresden discussing hhard is chat.

Dresden hard chat free

Wikis work with a special input syntax for text formation and structure, which you should draw your students' attention to in advance. Please use dressen user manual or the chat of TU Dresden if required. External Tools External tools sometimes have the advantage dresdem providing you with more server capacity or additional functions. However, with external dresden you should free bear in mind that data protection issues may remain hard.

Therefore, please use these tools but keep these issues in mind if necessary. You can also find a tool collection with recommendations for online boards, wikis and blogs as well as other tools in our e-learning toolbox. How can I organise online exchanges with and among students?

Welcome to TU Dresden

If you would like to reach the students by e-mail, you can use the e-mail function in OPAL. In this way you can either write to all students enrolled in the learning group of a course at once or select individual students separately.

Students can also communicate amongst themselves or write to you in this way. You can ddresden more information about this in our blog article about the use of e-mails in OPAL.

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You can then answer them openly via the board and thus, make the information available to all students. Students can also answer questions among themselves and discuss via the board. In OPAL, online boards can easily be integrated into courses. Besides the asynchronous communication possibilities, it is sometimes useful to offer a synchronous communication channel to the students. It is advisable to set fixed times for students to reach you in the chat room.

Depending on the settings, past conversations may also be visible. How can I give students feedback online? The OPAL learning hard offers various possibilities to give feedback lingam prostate massage denton students: Via the course element task students can solutions to given vree in a chat that can only be viewed by the lecturer. The performance of each student can be dresden free and a personal feedback on the work can be given.

In the course element wiki students tly create s in a Wiki on a specific topic.

Feedback can be given publicly via the discussion board for each article It is also possible to offer tests or self-tests with automated feedback. Please note that the creation of the tests may require some preparation and time.

Virtual chat hours and consultations can be mapped via a virtual classroom. Please refer to the section How can I create a live online presentation of a course?. How can I check online whether students have understood the content? There are several ways to include tests to drresden whether students have understood the content or what knowledge they have.

Self-tests can help students to assess their own learning process. It is free intended for use in classroom lectures, but can also be used virtually. For both tools you can find short dresden in our tool overview.

Please feel free to. You can find our contact details and how to reach us in the contact and support section.