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Quickly embsddable customers to agents by adding chat buttons on your web s and sending automatic chat invitations to customers as they chat your website. Support agents use the Chat Console to send and receive messages. Omni-Channel routes chat requests to the right agent based on availability and qualifications. Use Embedded Service to create a customizable chat window that customers use to get the help they need. Embedded chat windows are optimized for mobile browsers, so rooms have a frustration-free chat experience on free device. Einstein Emebddable are computer programs that can save both your agents embeddable customers time by handling routine requests and gathering pre-chat information.

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Bots are your agents' allies—not their replacements. When these four parts come together, they freee one seamless web chat experience for your customers and support team.

The Chat Console and Omni-Channel are helpful for customer support supervisors, too. They can also run reports on live roooms session records to gain insight into how their agents are performing. You can implement Chat almost entirely in Setup without writing code.

However, Chat features several APIs that enable developers to fully customize the chat experience for your org. Then, add Embedded Service and Einstein Bots to give your agents and customers the best web chat experience. Automate, so nothing slips through the cracks.

Despite your best efforts, it's possible that the right agent isn't available at the right time. For times like these, you can set a wait time for chats, after which they get converted into tickets. This way, your team doesn't miss any customer chats.

Skip the smalltalk with Canned Responses. Cut right to the chase, and let Zoho Desk take care of the standard answers, with Canned Responses.

These help agents get to the embedrable of the issue without spending time typing out routine pleasantries. Chat widgets for each brand. Catering to more than one brand from a single Help Center is easy with Zoho Desk. You can create separate Live Chat widgets for each brand you own, along with a dedicated Knowledge Base and Community.

This makes it easier for your customers to reach out to the right agents at the right time. Ask for feedback within chat. When interacting with customers, it's imperative to know if they found your responses helpful or not.