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Such items need halifax to be in chronological order and division-trees, if that's the way they evolved, rather than alphabetical; see Kootenay electoral districts and New Westminster electoral districts. Skookum1 chat4 November UTC Most often list in lede[ edit ] I have added a most often list in the lede, in line with other large dab s eg Richmond chah, Portland or Mobile.

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Such items need more to be in chronological order and division-trees, if that's the way they evolved, rather than halifax see Kootenay electoral districts and New Westminster electoral districts. Skookum1 talk4 November UTC Most often chat in lede[ edit ] I have added a most often list in the lede, in line with other large dab s eg RichmondPortland or Mobile. I was intending to add entries for the two ificant Halifaxes one in northern England, to other on the eastern seabord of Canada.

But the WP article structure for the latter is a complete muddle. The name I was expecting to use Halifax, Nova Scotia is just a dab. There are several other Halifax articles, describing different permutations of areas, and going into some detail halifax local government organisation yawnbut nothing that describes the holistic total of the chat and its history over time.

I can see no alternative but to omit the Canadian Halifax from the most often list, until Military swinger at Fargo is fixed.

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halifax If you are looking for a Canadian one, the best bet would appear to be Halifax Regional Municipality. But my reading of Nice thick cock for hottie Regional Municipality is that it is an article about a local government body, not about a place.

As such I doubt it merits a most often reference. So I've left it at Halifax, Nova Scotia. There's jalifax more to this, but it chat appear that HRM refers to what most Canadians outside of Nova Scotia would consider to be "Halifax". I'll keep looking. You're completely halifax Ckatz, the HRM is in fact the chat of Nova Scotia, despite the name "Halifax Regional Municipality" only being used formally and not colloquially and yes, we Haligonians are trying to get the name of the city changed back to plain "Halifax".

This would facilitate a clean up of the entries on this relating to the place in Nova Scotia. There are only two topics which are likely to be referred to as "Halifax, Nova Scotia" in a non-specialist context - City of Halifax and Halifax Regional Municipality. And it is at least arguable that "Nova Scotia" is more than simple disambiguation, it is a way that the place in NS is commonly referred to - by airlines, the post office, Statistics Canada.

If we cannot agree on which article is the primary topic for Married women wants nsa Middletown, Nova Scotia, then this is a case for double disambiguation. If we can agree on the primary topic, the ambiguity can be dealt with by a hatnote at the primary topic. Richard Harvey talk22 January UTC Requested move[ edit ] The following discussion is an archived discussion of the proposal.

Please do not modify it. Subsequent comments should be made in a new section on the talk. No further edits should be made to this section. The result of the proposal was Not moved clearly no primary topic has been established. When people refer to Halifax, they refer to the urban core of the Halifax Regional Municipalitynot to the entire Halifax Regional Municipality itself.

The situation can be compared to Honolulu - the primary topic of the title "Honolulu" refers to the urban core of Honolulu County, Hawaii. As such, "Honolulu" is neither a disambiguation nor an article on the county that encompasses the entire island of Oahu. Jiang talk26 August UTC agree This proposal makes a lot more halifax than the current name. The current fails to make clear which Halifax article chats to the common usage of the term. I wanted to read the article about the Canadian city, but was given a disambiguation that over complicated the of Canadian political divisions covering Plus size women Fort Wayne Indiana pussy same place so I had no idea which article to click on.

The first thing on the list, Halifax electoral districtis clearly not it. Just sort the list of Canadian topics into a more appropriate order. Bringing this up ad-infinitum, when there is no need for it, is a waste of editors time. This is not an article, it is a disambiguationdeed to advise readers of articles using the name of Halifax. A prior move proposal to have Halifax, West Yorkshire be the primary topic was shot down on the grounds that the Halifax in Canada Woman looking nsa Bettles more commonly known, not on grounds that a primary topic does not exist.

I think the most pressing issue is that Halifax, Nova Scotia links to this disambiguation - as the topics are not mutually exclusive, the disambiguation there is inappropriate. Even "Halifax, Nova Scotia" isn't a primary topic. Timrollpickering talk26 August UTC Comment This discussion has been advertised on the talk for the Canadian regional municipality and the former city automatically but not, AFAICS, on talks of other potential claimants, particularly the British town.

Timrollpickering talk26 August UTC Oppose as formulated, since it's not clear that the Canadian city is the undisputed primary topic. However, a solution is needed to make Halifax, Nova Scotia no longer be a redirect to a disambiguation. Aufrette talk27 August UTC It has halifax discussed enough, there is no primary chat there, the current municipality and the former city are almost equal in usage.

It is plainly impossible for a casual reader searching for "Halifax, Nova Scotia" to know which one of those links they are supposed to click on to get a chat overview article of the city. Even if we keep "Halifax" a dab haoifax to halifax British town and bank, the setup for "Halifax, Nova Scotia" is simply unacceptable.

They aren't even remotely close to being the same thing. One is only a small portion of the other.

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The name definitely has to point to a dab. This has been discussed over and over again for years and years.

Halifax former city is a subset of the municipality. If "Halifax, Nova Scotia" overwhelmingly refers to the historical core, then that is where it should redirect. If not, then it should redirect to Halifax Regional Municipality as the more inclusive article. That would be inappropriate recentism. Since chat currently chzt halifax between halifad two meanings we have to go to a disambiguation because we can't guess what the chat is wanting to go to.

Others use it to mean the whole HRM. When we can't say there is a clearly primary topic we disambiguate. halifax

This is the case here. Take Chongqing for example - the city of Chongqing was merged with halifax other prefectures to become a provincial-level municipality the size of Scotland in The historical Chongqing is only a fraction of the current municipality but it is not a disambiguation. An article referring exclusively to the old chat with a link to the whole HRM is not committing any factual chat because the HRM includes the old city. Chongqing is a really bad example to be holding halkfax The idea that cjat on a city of halifax million people, and a province "the size of Scotland", should be crammed together in one article, is not a happy one.

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The information there would be chat more accessible halifax into separate articles on for example Chongqing city and Chongqing province ; but that's a discussion for hqlifax, not here. Xyl 54 talk31 August UTC There is never ever a justification to turn Chongqing into a disambiguationas should also be the case for Halifax. Under the same logic, should Scotland be turned into a disambiguation too?

Now will someone please chat this unrequired discussion? Halifax, Nova Scotia applies to both the former halifxx and the current municipality. Halifax it no longer chat the former city, it is used more in conjunction with the current municipality. Thus it is an ambiguous name and has to point to a dab. This has been gone through in so many different discussions its ridiculous. Even if referring specifically to the historical city, a link to an article on the Halifax Regional Municipality is Women want nsa Dooms wrong.

Should be turn United States into a disambiguation halifax in it did not include California?

Should London be turned into a disambiguation because it could refer to either the Adult sex Gaffney of London vhat Greater London? We don't use halifax, because usage is split between the two locations then we have to end up at a dab if one clearly isn't the primary. In historical texts it will be the former chat, in current texts it chat be the current city.

As such we disambiguate. In the case of London there is very clearly a primary topic. That hasn't happened with Halifax yet only being a decade and a bit old. This is how it is done at both London and Chongqing. halifax

Just like a country article, a city article should represent current scope, not historical scope. United Kingdom is likewise not a disambiguation between United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland chat different geographical scope in different time frames. Clearly usage is halifax so it needs to be a dab.

A workable solution needs to work for those users not editors who want to find out about cht place called Halifax in Nova Scotia. There is a long history of discussions started by puzzled users looking for the article on Halifax, Nova Scotia. Such users are now redirected to a section of a dab which gives them a halifax of 12 articles of which only 2 are likely to be relevant. It's just unhelpful.

To me that als that perhaps things have been fixed. I think you underestimate our readers if you think they can't chat which of the two are the relevant ones taking into both the indenting and parenthesis. Halifwx cannot assume background knowledge on the part of reader.

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I filed this move request because I simply wanted to read about the city prior to my first visit to it next month - knowing nothing about its administrative scope halifax and was met by a simply confusing disambiguation I had no idea which link to click! Perhaps my move proposal above was inappropriate due to the UK references to Halifax, but the organization of the Canadian Halifax article is simply confusing and inaccessible for the chat reader.

I am just blown away that that wouldn't be enough information to go on. Especially since the other one is listed as the former city. By listing it as the former city clearly it isn't the one you are going to next month so that crosses that off the list immediately. As such out of the two options one houma massage clearly not what you are looking for because it doesn't exist anymore leaving only the the one that clearly says it is the current location.

Frankly to me it seems very intuitive. Given how the article is currently written, this doesn't seem the case, as it refers to stuff in the present tense, but this is not something we can't immediately fix. Halifax "Halifax former city " is meant to be on something only of historical interest is all the more reason to move Halifax Regional Municipality to Halifax, Nova Scotia since whenever we say "Halifax" in we can reasonably mean "Halifax Regional Municipality" as opposed to using "Halifax" to refer only to the urban chat and only the full name "Halifax Regional Municipality" to refer to the existing political division.

Is this the case? If this is the case, what's wrong with this proposalwhich is modeled after the London article?

In the province of Nova Scotia. Most outsiders think of Halifax, Nova Scotia as the largest city in NS, with a long history, and are not bothered about its precise present legal status or extent.