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Late nite text sex buddy

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By Rachel Shatto Oct. Two buddies I learned in that relationship aside from developing an appreciation for Irish whiskey were: one, how to maximize my frequent flyer miles, and two, how to give really good text. When you don't get to spend time together IRL laate often, you have to sex late at keeping the romance and connection alive any other way you can. A big nite of that coming up with teext to send your partner that will let them know just exactly how much you miss them The key to a good racy good-night text is to get their imagination going.

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Then read on for some of my tried and tested sexy good-night text ideas. Shutterstock 1.

I really wish you were here next to me in bed… naked. Just thought you twxt know, you are my favorite dirty thought… nite nite!

Hey babe, remember that time we [fill in the blank]? Good luck going to sleep now!

Good night, love…. Nighty night!

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My favorite bedtime story involves you, me, and no clothes. I hope you have amazing dreams tonight… I know I will. Go dream about all the filthy things you're gonna do to me IRL tomorrow.

Wanna see what I'm wearing to bed tonight? I wish I could kiss you good night right now Too bad you're not here right now Oh, wow, I better stop thinking about this or I'll never get to sleep.

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Hey babe, by the way, next time I see you I want to do [fill in the blank] to me Babe if you were here with me right now, I would rip off your clothes and do insane things to our body. But you're not, so Shutterstock Budey 15 sexy texts to send your partner to stoke the passion in your relationship.

For The Ride Home 1. OK, so I had a lot of fun tonight!

Hi, still thinking about when you did [insert sexy thing here] and made me come super hard. Just wanted to let you know I made it home!

I hope you had as good of a time as I did. I'm mad that I have work tomorrow because I'd rather just spend the night with you! I'm thinking about what we did last night and damn. Good morning! I laye had a sexy dream about last night, HBU?

Hi, I know you're probably at work RN, but just wanted to let you know I'm getting off thinking about last night. So, I'm thinking about what we did yesterday and I can send pics, budy you'd like