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Metaphysical chat room

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There is no sex of the fantasy sort that e-mail is sometimes used for, part romance and part pornography. Physical sex is metaphhysical to what the two virtual lovers have with others' bodies off-screen. In Sylvia Brownrigg's novel, on-screen and off-screen correspond to the two sides of philosophy's mind-body problem. It is appropriate, since Pi, the woman, is a budding philosopher and J.

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Metaphysical chat room I Seek Fuck Sex

These were her brain, her life, her talent, her future. He is achingly perceptive and witty, but this is underwater lighting in a turbid wash of depression and self-absorption.

He inherited them from his wandering cyat, along with a dilettantish notion of himself as a writer. Undermined by his writing failures, J. Brownrigg, whose thought pings and ricochets off words as if they were the electric posts on a pinball machine, has no need to light up the resonance of "fire" and "fired.

Instead of leaving her things behind, they left her behind. She can't rom her absconding world. Suddenly she is unable to stand books, philosophy, her old friends, Berkeley. She takes refuge in Mendocino, an artists' community up the north coast.

She stays with Abbie, a woman going through a divorce, and her 7-year-old daughter, Martha. There she finds warmth, a nurturing doom with a bright and frail child, home cooking and a bit of lovemaking with her hostess. The orgasms are rather like the home cooking, though: they comfort but don't quite heal.

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