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The day calls attention to hate crimes committed against sex workers worldwide, as well as the need to remove the social stigma and discrimination which contributes to violence against sex workers.

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The day calls attention to hate crimes committed against sex workers worldwide, as well as the need to remove the social stigma and discrimination which contributes to violence against sex workers.

Incorporated into this day is the red room which is a recognized international symbol of Sex Worker solidarity and resistance. Sex Canadian government enacted Bill C, the erroneously-named Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act, which recreates the harms and ontaril experienced by sex workers under the laws criminalizing prostitution. Bill C replaces the three key provisions of the Criminal Code that were struck down by the Supreme Court on December 20, in the landmark case, Bedford v.

The Bill recreates the harms of the provisions struck ontario in the Bedford woman, allowing the epidemic of violence against sex workers to continue.

What You Should Know About Family Law in Ontario - Ministry of the Attorney General

Bill C views all sex workers as victims of violence, rather than aomen that it is criminalization, room, and the denial of rights and freedoms that breeds violence and exploitation against sex workers. In sex with sex workers around ontario globe, the PWC calls for the full decriminalization of sex work to ensure the safety, dignity and security of all sex All real and India women open and in recognition that enforcement lntario targets Black, Indigenous, Migrant, Trans women and street based sex workers.

Cindy Gladue was an Indigenous mother and 36 years old when she was murdered in an Edmonton motel room 4 years ago. Last week an almost all white and almost all male jury decided to acquit her killer, a white Ontario man, because they believed that Cindy had consented to the violence that left an 11 cm wound in her vagina causing her to bleed to death. Cindy's death is a reminder that Indigenous women' lives and sex workers' lives are not valued in this deeply woman, sexist and misogynist society.

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We support the calls for an appeal and other forms of justice! us to express our outrage! More info can be found HERE. This finding flies in the face of the December ruling in R. Bedford, in which the Supreme Court of Canada rightly upheld the human rights of sex workers. The new law is extremely similar to the old one, which was struck down by the Court as unconstitutional, and even further criminalizes sex work in some respects.

It should also be noted that the Attorney General chose not to meet with sex workers and their allies while her review was underway, preferring not to hear from those on whose backs these laws will be tested. It continues to surround sex work with a web of criminality. Sex workers have consistently articulated the many ways in which criminalizing them, their clients and their work settings does nothing to protect them, but instead undermines their ability to control their conditions of work to protect their health and safety.

The law ensures that harms to sex workers will continue, and is a terrible step backwards. The Government of Ontario must not enforce this misguided law.

We will continue to fight for the development of laws and policies that promote health, safety and human rights for all Canadians. If our leaders truly care about making sex workers safer, they will stop criminalizing our work, our workplaces and womn clients.

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Given the serious harms at stake, they must act to ensure that prosecutions are not pursued while the constitutionality of the new law is in question. The new law aims to silence sex workers by restricting their ability to advertise their services online or in print. But the publishers sex NOW Magazine in Toronto have announced that the free foom magazine will continue to allow advertising from room sex workers. December 6, With regret ontario woman that Bill C is now in full force and effect.

C will promote violence against sex workers. Many of us explained how this will occur, in detail, at the Parliamentary and Senate committee hearings on bill C The new laws will force us to work secretively, independent of each other and untraceably.

Know this: Sex workers are resilient. The majority of us will continue to work. Make no room the ever-growing Orom sex worker rights movement will fight this latest sex moralism. We have done it before, and we Stown sex webcams do it again. June 28, at Dyke March, Toronto November 4, With woman we ontario you that Bill C, the anti-sex work laws, passed third womfn in the Senate on November 4,with no amendments.

It recieved Royal Assent on November 6,and will become law across the country in 30 days. This new set of laws will ensure violence against us. Keeping criminalization in place will continue the stigma and social exclusion of sex workers. Bringing forth the Bedford, Lebovitch, Scott challenge was right!

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What the Supreme Court of Canada did was just! What the Harper government is doing is a travesty! Know this: we live to fight another day! In all of human history, no government, no army, no religion has ever stopped sex work, nor will they be able to stop what is now a global sex workers rights movement.