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For a Serer girl, the njam surgery is performed by an elderly woman with her helpers. These elderly women have undergone the surgery themselves. One of the head of these women is called the njamkat.

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Aex a Serer girl, the njam surgery is performed by an elderly woman with her helpers. These elderly women have undergone the surgery themselves. One of tiegen head of these women is called the njamkat. She is the one who will perform the operation tattoo of the gums. The circumcision of Serer boys is also performed in a structured situation. It involves the circumciser and his helpers as well as a person who supervises the operation.

This supervisor is the master of the circumcision "kumax" in Serer. He is the eldest male in the community and must possess srx the qualities of a good kumax, which include: generosity, supportive and patience. All the men involved in the rite of passage must have undergone the operation themselves.

A boy and his age group are usually circumcised together, under the guidance of the selbe the person who accompanies the children to be circumcised. They form a pact of brotherhood.

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It is a temporary hut far away from the town or village. It is temporary because the hut must be set on fire just after the initiation. The burning of the ndut is tiour. It represents tiouf the room the initiates have been living in for the past three months, [5] shut off from the outside world chwt tiegne a chat, an artificial place that does not exist in real life. However, they can refer back to the dream and use what they have learned from the dream when faced with the dangers of real life.


Come here, Fangol. In classical ndut teachings, initiates get to learn about themselves, teamwork, how to be upstanding citizens, history of the Serer peoplethe supernatural worldSerer creation myththe cosmosmysteries of the universe and the formation of the stars [11] etc.

These exercise guide the children as to how to analysis each other's dreams as well as their own, and helps them develop their skills of clairvoyancy. These young men are told not to engage in sexual activities with women until their operation has healed. The ceremony of washing is also emphasised. This helps in the healing process.

The first ceremony of washing takes place near the ndut. Washing symbolizes purification.

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This exercise helps them to forget the actual circumcision pending. It also develops their artistic tiojr team working skills. Friendships and brotherhood are formed which last a lifetime. Most of these songs are religious in nature.

It is from these religious songs that the njuup tradition derives from a conservative Serer music, and the progenitor of mbalax. This is where they test their honour according to the Serer principle of Jom - a tiegnne of beliefs and values that govern Serer lives. Jom in Serer means honour. The child must show no s of anxiousness or fright.

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They must show bravery from start to finish, and must not twitch tilur cry during the operation. If the child shows s of nervousness or fright just before the operation, the operation will not go ahead. It means that the child's family have not prepared the child sufficiently for this operation.

The parents are judged according to the child's behaviour. In these circumstances, the kumax or njamkat will ask the family to take the child and reassure him or her then bring them back later. If the child has been reassured by the family then brought back later for the operation but they are still anxious, then the operation is cancelled.

Serer tioour dictates that, in circumstances like these, the child should not be humiliated. Instead, they should be encouraged and supported with words of praise and better prepared for the operation next time. Suicide is only permitted if it satisfies the Jom principle see Serer religion. If the boy shows no of anxiety, he is encouraged to open the tissue covering the head of the penis. In Serer, this is called "war o sumtax" to kill the foreskin. The word "war" as in War Jabi means to kill in Serer.

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The boy to be circumcised would seat on a mortar with his legs opened. He must muster the courage to do this on his own and should not be forced.

The mortar symbolises the feminine world, and after the boy has been circumcised, he must foom sit on a mortar again. Before the circumciser starts the operation, he ask the boy for forgiveness. He would utter the word waasanaam please forgive meand the boy would usually answer waasanaaong I forgive you.

This is a symbolic gesture of respect, communion and spirituality. It shows that the tuour is well aware of the pain he is about to inflict, as he has undergone the operation himself and any mistake may result in death and tars his professional reputation forever.

After the foreskin has been removed, a special kind of powder is applied on the penis to avoid infection and help in the healing process. The ndut is set a blaze. Children receive presents from family members.