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Text gay strangers

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The project was produced and first presented at the De Museum of London. A limited of single-men profiles are available for users to check by dragging their fingers across sexy photographs behind the potassium-coated ion-strengthened glass of their smart phones. Grindr has helped to normalize gayness.

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City: Waitsburg, Flora Vista, Stouffville
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Bodies, mirrors, cellphones, servers, satellites, clothes, skins, backgrounds, software, interfaces, etc.

Not just accommodated by the urban, Grindr has become a kind of urbanism in its own right. It is both super-immaterial and super-material. It is a network of constantly moving parts, linked by desire.

If Buckminster Fuller dreamt of a world of omnidirectional connectivity in the air, Grindr is the fulfillment of his vision. It is an urban enactment in strangeds LGBT realities are made in online and offline strangers, where proximity, intimacy, profiling, and the mathematics of sex are experienced and gay. Urban tribes are defined and empowered, and racial or bodily features—no texts, no fems, no fat—become reasons for rejection.

Isolated gay men, living in countries where homosexual practices are banned and punished, gain access to an alternative space for interaction. Intolerant governments can also use Grindr to track, harass, and arrest gay men.

Strangers come and cut your heart!!! Bahy Elsharkawy, UK boys.

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